WELCOME to the OFFICIAL 0xLicious OurWorld crew

Recently, a few of you have found our crew through the OurWorld Cheats websites, which is great! So I wanted to share a little extra information:

The more members, the merrier- just remember to join you need to keep up with your stars ^^

Feel free to add our crew recruiter: Unrecoverable or our most active crew leaders: Pillbug, Caniesa, or myself (Vicki/Vickie) to join. Please send me a message beforehand if you are looking to join. It’s always exciting when we gain new members!

Our crew is still active and we’re always looking for more members to join one of the best crews on OurWorld. We always have a full elevator and lots of contests (with big prizes!).

Our best quality is that we are CONSISTENT, unlike a lot of other crews, our leaders are LOYAL and PRESENT– we do our best to always keep our elevator full by the end of the month!

Our website is usually used when we do contests requiring huge entries (such as our crew logo contests). We provide more updates on our crew page on OurWorld either through comments or mass messaging 🙂 Ready to keep us going as one of the best crews on OurWorld since 2010! 😉 See you guys there x


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