CREW LOGO CONTEST IS UP AND RUNNING and the prize is being going to be given by oX Bryan Xo! It’s a smacking…


E-mail your entries to: 0XLICIOUSCREW@GMAIL.COM

**Remember the 0x in 0xLicious is a zero!**

Don’t forget to include your in-game name so we know who you are!!

Send in as many entries as you like ❤

You guys better be joining, this is DEFINITELY not a contest you should be missing out on! Check comments and your messages sent by your loving crew leader, Caniesa for any other info! xx

Crew Position Updates!

Hey guys!

So, I have been totally swamped with uni work and terrible wifi issues but I am back a little more often (emphasis on little).

Caniesa and I are excited to say that we will be choosing our new Crew Managers soon! We’ve gotten quite a few applications for each position and can’t wait to to have a few more people to help us keep our crew running!

Hopefully, more of you slowly start getting used to coming on to the crew website, we’ll have updates listed here, competitions, and more! So stay tuned ^_^

Don’t forget, our competition for a new crew logo is coming up, so send in your entries and make a lasting impression on our crew!! xx