1) Do we all get the Crew Prizes? Even if we’re on the lowest rank?

Answer: Yes, EVERY SINGLE PERSON gets every crew prize that we earn.

2) I’m not getting my Crew Prize, Why aren’t I getting mine?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!

Answer: Crew prizes are distributed by OurWorld at the end of each month, sometimes they’re a little slow, so be patient! We have no control over this.

3) Do I have to spend/save gems to raise my Star ranking?

Answer: No. You do not need to spend your gems, and you do not need to save your gems! Star rankings correlates only to the number of gems you get every month.

4) I currently have 210 gems, but it says I’m only a One Star, is there something wrong?

Answer: No. The star counts the amount of gems you GET each month, not currently HAVE.


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